Donation of School Supplies

Today we are going to talk about a much needed area where you could donate which is going to have a major impact on the lives of young students and teenagers. We often take it for granted that schools have all the supplies that they need, because they are funded by the government and our tax payers dollars right? This is right, but unfortunately, such is so often the way, those schools in low income neighborhoods are at the bottom of the tree when it comes to funding and they very often struggle to pay for all the supplies which they need to offer the kids the very best education possible.

The risks of this are very real, and the biggest danger is that the less supplies a school has, the poorer quality of education that they can offer, the poorer the quality of the education, the more that the low income cycle continues. Our kids should have the very best supplies at their fingertips and school should be a place where they want for nothing, where they can be properly educated and given the best start in life possible. This is why it is important for anyone who cares about helping others to do what they are able to for the schools in low income areas.

What Can You Do?

Search your house for any usable office supplies that you no longer need. Don’t worry if your supplies are slightly used – teachers will be so happy to have the school supplies that they won’t be too picky about their condition. Here are a few basic items you may want to look for:

  • lined paper
  • pens and pencils
  • erasers
  • highlighters
  • dry-erase markers
  • overhead projector transparency sheets
  • overhead projector markers
  • paperclips
  • binders
  • report covers
  • staples and a stapler
  • construction paper
  • glue sticks
  • markers
  • tape
  • art supplies (for elementary and art classes)

You may also want to pick up some school supplies from your local dollar store. Then, put your donation in a bag and drop it off at a local school. You can leave the bag at the main office or you can give the school supplies to the teacher of your choice. If you live in a good area where there are no schools who are going to need these supplies, then contact schools which do and they will often come out and collect items if they believe that they will be able to help them out. As much as all schools would welcome some support, it is going to have a far greater impact if you are able to send those items to a school which is really in dire need of such materials.

We have to give our children the very best eduction that we can and that is why donating some school supplies if you are able to do is going to have such a hugely positive impact on young people’s lives.