5 Tips to Care For Your Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Freshwater pearls are so pretty but just as delicate. The last thing you want is wearing dull pearls that used to be full of radiance. But just like your other jewelry, a little extra care can go a long way in maintaining your pearls’ sheen.

Here are 5 simple tips to ensure your beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry continues to sparkle and turn necks.

Let Your Pearls Come Last When Dressing Up

You clasp your pearls behind your neck, then reach out for your sunscreen, the signature perfume you love to wear, and some mousse to keep your hair in place. Sounds like you? Big mistake! Your beauty products, including lotions and makeup, contain harsh chemicals that can dull your pearls’ luster. To keep your pearls looking their best, put them on after applying makeup, perfume, and hairspray. You should also wipe off your pearls with a soft cloth after you remove them to get rid of oils and chemicals.

Sweat is Not Their Best Friend

We all love a good workout, but pearls? Not so much. Our sweat can be acidic, which can slowly erode the nacre that gives pearls their shine. Take off your pearl jewelry before hitting the gym or going about errands that might make you sweat. Pearls are best for events where you are relaxed and calm.

Don’t Wear Them to the Pool

Just like it’s best to remove your pearls when going to the gym, it’s best to do the same when heading to the pool. Pearls don’t like harsh chemicals, and the chlorine in pool water can weaken the stings and nacre of your precious jewelry.

Clean Them Regularly

Ditch the abrasive cleaning methods and harsh jewelry cleaners. Instead, gently wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after each wear. Microfiber cloths are best because they are soft and won’t scratch the pearl’s surface. You can also dab the cloth in a drop of water or baby shampoo to get rid of dirt. Also, avoid wearing your pearl bracelets and rings if you will be working on hard surfaces. A bracelet or ring constantly thwacking on a keyboard while typing will become susceptible to scratches.

Let Your Pearls Breathe

A good storage tip to care for your freshwater pearls is keeping them in a soft, breathable cloth bag. Skip the airtight containers and store your beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry in a soft pouch or a compartmentalized jewelry box lined with velvet or silk. This allows for gentle air circulation, which is essential to keep your pearls from becoming brittle. Also, keep your pearls lying down instead of hanging them to prevent the string from stretching.

Bottom Line

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your freshwater pearls continue to shine and sparkle for a long time. Clean regularly, avoid sweat and harsh chemicals, and store in a breathable container. Also, wear your pearls regularly because they need moisture and air to maintain their luster!