Cletus Geroges MD – Tips on Burning Calories From Home

Many medical and fitness experts have been talking recently about the dangers of putting on weight during lockdown. Sadly although so many of us thought that this was a thing of the past, there are so many of us who are once again going into lockdown and of course, this is yet again relevant. People like the brilliant Cletus Geroges MD make some fantastic points when they remind us that it is the lack of burning calories which we used to do naturally, that causes the biggest risk here. Just walking to and from the office or the train station, or the lifting and carrying which we may have done in our job roles, would have burned hundreds of calories per day.

To replace this burning of calories here are a few things which you can do from home.


If you have stairs in the home or if you have stairs just outside the property then these are going to very quickly become your friends. Running or even walking up and down stairs is a great way to burn some extra calories and the beauty is that it really won’t take much time out of your day. Every couple of hours head up and down the stairs a few times and you’ll soon see that you burn those extra calories.


Believe it or not, just fidgeting round when you are working or watching the TV can be good enough to help you to burn a few extra calories each and every day. This could be that you stomp your feet a little whilst you are typing or perhaps that you swing your arms around when you are relaxing on the sofa. Each movement requires some level of activity from you and believe it or not, each of those will help you to burn some extra calories.

TV Workout

Whilst you can, under current regulations, get out once per day to do exercise, there are many of you who may not wish to leave because you are worried. You will be pleased to know however that there is an enormous amount of online videos which you can do that will help to keep you in shape. Simply head to YouTube and type in your fitness level, and then watch as hundreds of videos are presented to you which you can workout along with.

Just 5 Minutes

Another great way in which we can burn some calories tis to focus on the 5 minute workout. This very simple exercise just requires you to take 5 minutes out of your hour, every 3 hours. Once you have your 5 minute timer set up, simply get down and do some press ups or some sit ups, perhaps some squats or some burpees, you could even spend the time skipping. Each of these activities will burn calories and let’s be honest, 5 minutes is not a great deal to ask with regards to time commitment.

Follow these tips to help you replace those burning calories.