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Rose Burillo – Why Mexico City Is a Great Hub For Starting an Online Business!

Around the world there are many places which are prefect for digital nomads to head to which will offer them a hub from where they can set up a business. Over the years we have seen places like Estonia, Turkey and Thailand become perfect for spots like this and another option which is worth mentioning is Mexico City. I came here just over 4 years ago to launch a digital marketing company and it has proved to be the perfect hub for this sort of thing, and here is exactly why.

Low Cost of Living

Mexico City is one of those super cool spots where you can live a great and expensive lifestyle if you so choose, yet you can also live on less than $10 per day and still have a great lifestyle and the ultimate location for a Mexico vacation. This of course is perfect for anyone who is in the process of launching a business, when the money isn’t exactly flowing. From food to services and even rental prices, there are plenty of options here which will keep costs down and then when the money comes in, you can easily upgrade your lifestyle without moving city. The Mexico visa requirements are also very easy to fulfil.

Great Environment

I have made some great friends here thanks to the fact that there are many more people like me who have set up their own business and who are working remotely. My friend Rose Burillo runs a co-working space here and it is a great place to enjoy some social time with like minded people. There is very much a work hard/play hard approach to owning a business here and to be honest it is very infectious indeed.

Options Galore

Whilst a great hub should offer you plenty of places to have fun and enjoy life, you also need to know that there are plenty of options for when it comes to getting your head down and putting the work in. Thankfully Mexico City is a great option when it comes to both, and if hustling is on your mind then there is an abundance of options as to where you can go. From cafes to co-working and even some brilliant libraries with free access to make sure that you can concentrate, this is a fantastic place for work and play.

Access Point

When it comes to the Americas, Mexico is just about in the heart of it all and that makes it a great place token you connected to both the US and Canada, as well as South American nations. Depending on what your business is about this is a fantastic option for people who need to connect with those both in the north and south of the continent, and Mexico City’s international airport has low cost links to both.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy life and to get your head down and get busy working, this is the perfect city where you can do just that.

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