Latest Technology Trends worth Watching Out For

The dawn of the year 2020 brought with itself a number of major incidents and occurrences all over the globe. From the wildfires in Australia to the loss of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and worst of all the COVID-19 pandemic, all of these events have affected the world in a major way

While technology was already progressing rapidly, 2020 has given it a further push and increased its adoption. The pandemic has shown conveniences technology has to offer. 

Technology is now changing every aspect of our lives and it is only a matter of time before it completely gels in with our lifestyles. Here are some upcoming technology trends that are going to define the new world order:

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E-Commerce Industry is Flourishing Like Never Before

The prevailing pandemic of COVID-19 has forced everyone to be more dependent on eCommerce platforms to acquire the most basic of necessities. From groceries to office supplies to luxury items, everything is being sold on these exceptional platforms online.

According to SEMrush data compilation, more than 50% of consumers are attempting to execute social distancing, giving rise to online shopping. It is only a matter of time before people realize the convenience that these platforms have to offer and even after the pandemic is over, people might refrain from going outside to purchase necessities and get them online.

Since brick and mortar is becoming a hassle these day, companies are shifting their focus towards online retailing in order to retain their customers.

Social Media Just Became Way More Popular

We are all aware of the role social media plays in our daily lives. Not an hour goes by when we do not take out our smartphones and scroll through the news feed on our favorite social media platform. As if this was not enough, the time spent on social media has increased dramatically.

People nowadays are in constant search of the latest updates regarding local news, health matters, or simply the latest gossip among friends. And since the lockdown has limited options to spend time outside, people are more than comfortable to spend hours staring at their social profiles. This has been made convenient by services like Frontier internet that provide constant internet connectivity at highly reasonable rates to their customers.

Smart Homes are the New Normal

There was a time when things such as voice automation and wireless connectivity seemed like magic. Fast-forwarding that memory to the present day, we see that these are mere necessities of the modern world.

Today, smart homes are becoming more common with each passing day. With the help of the amazing Internet of Things, we are now blessed with facilities such as virtual assistants, smart lights, smart coffee makers, automated thermostats, and much more.

With all these facilities and a plethora of benefits of a smart home, considering it to be a rarity would not be fair. As per a study in 2019, the Smart Homes market was valued at more than $64 billion and it is expected to grow exponentially up till the year 2025.

Just have a look at your personal lives, the involvement of virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home has made our lives more comfortable and luxurious. People who rely on them for their simple household tasks cannot even imagine living without these gadgets.

Biological Robots May Become a Reality

Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Their elegant design and breathtaking capabilities are absolutely mesmerizing and captivating for anyone who gets a chance to witness them. Well, that time is not far when we will we have robots as a part of our everyday lives.

A biologist at the University of Vermont, by the name of Josh Bongard, is already working on this technology, which is referred to as Xenobots. Xenobots have the potential to be transformed into living organisms, which could advance human genetics at an exponential rate.

Pest Control May Take On a New Form

Getting rid of pests that destroy crops spread across miles of land is quite frustrating for any farmer. Farmers and agricultural professionals have spent their entire lives trying to figure out ways to rid their crops of these pests once and for all.

While killing these pests may seem cruel, it is a necessity for the crop to survive. This “supposed cruelty” may become a thing of the past thanks to modern technology. With the help of gene-editing and gene drives, scientists may be able to get rid of these pests in a rather humane manner.

A Few Final Words

Technology can tend to be addictive; once you get used to a certain form of convenience and comfort, it becomes  impossible to go back. Some technological trends come with certain drawbacks, but the benefits they offer far outweigh the cost to be paid.