Using accessiBe to Ensure ADA Compliance on Your Website

People with disabilities will always be some of the most critical consumers on the web. According to some studies, including one conducted by WebAIM, an astonishing 50% of all internet users currently have some kind of disability.

For many businesses, this can present a problem because if their website doesn’t work for disabled visitors, it may as well be broken down completely.

Fortunately, tools are available that allow us to make our websites useful for all users, including those with disabilities. One of the most important is accessiBe. Let’s look at what it does, how to use it, and why you should care about ADA compliance today.

What Is accessiBe?

accessiBe is a tool that allows you to check how your website looks when viewed through assistive technology such as screen reader software.

As well as allowing you to design for accessibility, accessiBe also gives you the chance to test your new designs on real disabled users before launching them. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary stress later down the line.

How to Use accessiBe

Using the tools is incredibly simple. They have a WordPress plugin that you can download from This plugin will allow you to check for common errors such as missing titles and inconsistent navigation menus, among others.

accessiBe also has a Chrome extension that can be used to test your website on the go. Simply install it in the Chrome web store and use it whenever you encounter a problem on a website.

Why Is accessiBe Important?

Although the benefits of accessibility to disabled users and business owners is clear, there are other reasons that we should be concerned about ADA compliance too. The first is Google itself. In October 2016, Google announced that they would be using page speed as a ranking factor when listing search results. This means that while a fast-loading site will always be a bonus, a slow website will actually count against you.

Another important consideration is the fact that all websites are expected to comply with ADA standards by 2023. This means that if your website doesn’t already work for visitors using assistive technologies, it could potentially lose huge amounts of traffic in the future.

Why ADA Compliance Matters

ADA compliance matters because it ensures that everyone has access to the same content at the same time. As more users become reliant on assistive technologies, it is essential to remember that not all disabilities are physical. There are many people out there who find websites difficult to use due to dyslexia or color blindness, for example.

By ensuring your website is ADA compliant, you can help to ensure that these people feel comfortable using your website. If the percentage of internet users with disabilities continues to increase, this will become increasingly important.


It’s easy to make your website work for disabled users and meet ADA compliance with the right tools. By using accessiBe, you can ensure that your site is accessible right now and keep it ADA compliant in the long term. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make your website shine!