Staff Members at BCFS Health and Human Services Discuss Women’s History Month

BCFS Health and Human Services is a global nonprofit organization with locations and programs throughout the world. The organization is a national leader in medical sheltering and emergency management and response, providing critical emergency support services to federal, state and local governments. BCFS proudly supports women’s history, their role in the workplace, and their contributions to society. It embraces the annual Women’s History Month as an opportunity to let employees tell their stories about inspirational women and to support broader awareness of women’s historical contributions and importance.

One of BCFS Health and Human Services’ employees who shared her insights is Karen Thaxton, Executive Vice President of Human Resources. Ms. Thaxton notes many female mentors helped shape her professional career and her personal life. She also admires historically significant women including Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) and Susan B. Anthony who worked hard to conquer barriers put in place of women. She notes the two most influential women in her life are her twentysomething daughters. One of her daughters works as a therapist and the other in biologics, and she’s proud of the ways both worked hard and are committed to helping people.

The organization’s Executive Director at BCFS Health and Human Services Residential Services Division Headquarters, Sonya Thompson, notes her career and life were guided by her mentor Elizabeth Guthrie. Ms. Guthrie challenged her to develop leadership skills and to break through various barriers on the pathway to success. She also receives inspiration from Vice President Kamala Harris and RBG who she notes are pioneers that encourage young women and girls to strive for new heights.

Veronica Villa, Regional Director at BCFS Health and Human Services-Fairfield also supports RBG as a voice of inspiration and positive change. For example, she is inspired by her tenacious push for the “equal protection clause” and other legislation and rulings that have provided more equitable access and treatment for millions of women.