Shift Smart – My Favorite Thing About Working Remotely

Fortunately I had already made the shift to working remotely prior to any of the lockdowns last year. I made this move after seeing an ad for Shift Smart, which is a company that connects remote workers with businesses that need them. I have many friends who do something similar, some of them are freelance, others work 9-5 and some work as I do on a shift basis. There is just so much which I love about this way of working and it is something which I can really see catching on in the future.

Here are the reasons why for me, this is the perfect of working.

Location Independence

Thanks to what I do it doesn’t matter where I am in the country, or even in the world, I am still able to open up my laptop and work, as long as I have an internet connection. I have been to see my family down south, enjoyed my time there and still been able to get the job done. There is absolutely no other job lifestyle which can offer you this level of freedom to move around.

More Comfortable

There are some days that I wake up and quite simply I just don’t want to get dressed up in fancy clothes to go to work. Thankfully, because of working remotely, I no longer need to do this. When those days come around I can just grab my laptop, stay in bed and extra hour with a cup of coffee and get done what needs to be done. This just makes your life so much easier and it actually helps me in terms of my overall productivity.

No More Commute

My commute to my old job used to take 3 hours in total, it cost me around $14 per day and I absolutely hated it. This is why I am now so happy that I don’t have to do this any more, I no longer have to sit on busses and trains, I just go whenever I feel like it to a cafe or a co-working space, and the rest of the time I just stay at home.

Cost Savings

I’ve just mentioned how much money I have saved thanks to not commuting, and thankfully there are even more cost savings which I have been able to make. I honestly had no idea just how expensive it was to buy lunch everyday or to grab 2 or 3 cups of coffee. Those spends really do add up when you are at work and thanks to remote working, this is not an issue anymore. I usually just prepare my own meals at home and that has been a real game changer when it comes to saving money.

If you are able to, this is a lifestyle which will suit absolutely everyone, and I would implore you all to try and change your life so that you too can work remotely.