Roger Wolfson – Why Letter Writing is Making a Comeback

A couple of years ago I began writing letters to some friends of mine, inspired by TV writer Roger Wolfson. I had seen an interview with Roger and he was talking about how he and some friends of his were doing this, and extolling the virtues of this habit. I was really swept away by this and so I decided that I would send a couple of letters out there, and see who wrote back. What is happening around the world at the moment, especially given what we have been through in the last 12 months, is more and more people who are writing letters and staying in touch with friends and family through this medium, and here is why it has comeback.

Looking For Something Material

At one stage the world looked as though it was going to go fully digital but there has been something of a pushback from people who prefer material and tangible items. We have sent his for example in the world of vinyl, with so many looking to buy vinyl and bring it into the home instead of just relying on digital music. This again is something which people enjoy with regards to letter writing, and it is a much more physical way of communicating.

Personal Touch

There is no doubt that when we compare letter writing to emails or digital correspondence that this is a much more personal way to communicate and stay in touch with friends and family. You have to buy the equipment and you have to really take the time when it comes to writing out a letter. This doesn’t go unnoticed and wen the person receives that letter they will feel a part of you coming through on the page. This is by far and away the most personal way in which you can send your love and wishes to someone.

Different Words

You may not think that you would write the words any differently if you sent an email or a letter, but the reality is not like this at all. This is something which Roger touched on in that interview which he gave, the fact that when you actually put pen to paper, the words really do flow differently. Give it a try this week, write out a letter to someone on paper and then write them a smiler letter on email without sending, you’ll find that you really do write things in a different way, using different words.

Surprise Surprise

There is no doubt that if you open up your email inbox and see some new emails, that you will not be shocked or surprised because this is something which happens every day. When you get that envelope through the door however, with your name written on it by hand, this is definitely and exciting moment and when you open the envelope and get the letter out, you’ll realize just how different this is to any kind of digital communication.

Give it a try this week and see which of your family or friends wants to write letters to you.