Ayden Hector – Is your partner a narcissist?

Covid 19 has dominated every aspect of our daily lives. It has become a consideration when wanting to go out to the shops, catch up with friends and even visit family members. As such, it feels like life won’t be the same again since every part of our life has been challenged to such an extent that we dissect its very importance and if it’s worth the amount of stress and duty it takes. Specifically, that we must restrict the amount of social contact we have in case of spreading a virus that we don’t even know we have.

With all this introspection and self-awareness, Relationship counsellor and the brilliant author, Ayden Hector illustrates the growing concern of narcissists in a relationship and how to spot them. Narcissism is basically a Mental health issue. Ayden identifies its origin from a socializing into their adulthood through a dysfunctional family upbringing. Usually a deficit of sentiment realized through lack of affirmations of love. Lack of human contact and a drive to stand out for external validation make for fertile ground for people developing narcissist personalities.

As such, Ayden outlines 8 key signs your partner might be a narcissist.

1. Grandiose self-importance
If your partner regularly displays a sense of self-importance, this is a factor when assessing if they are Narc. Do they assert a heightened state of importance over others when describing their interactions? Note this if they do.

2.Occupied by fantasies of power and beauty
As an original observation of narcissism, if they often found admiring themselves in selfies and describe situations where they are often the most significant person in the situation or times where people have followed their instruction.

3. Believes they are unique and extremely special.
Does your partner look at you as having some element of prestige or high status. Are his/her friends all in very high achieving careers. When they look for a good time, are they occupied by detailing their successes to you?

4. Sense of entitlement
Perhaps one of the ugliest aspects of their behavior. Does the person have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment over others and does this person hold high demands of you?

5. Exploit others for own gain
Narcs are usually very good at getting other people to do things for them. Rather than getting their hands duty or troubling themselves with daily tasks, they are adapt for asking for “help” in the form of getting someone to do the thing for them.

6. Lacks empathy
The biggest and most devastating aspect of a narc’s behavior is evidence of lack of empathy. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will play out as overt cruelty but consider a lack of basic understanding and support when describing emotional challenges.

7. Envious of others and thinks they are envious of him her
If your partner demonstrates regular envy over people around them this is another check list aspect to the profile definition of a narc.

8. Arrogant and haughty
Finally, does your partner have a sense of arrogance and haughtiness about them? You may well see and understand their sweet side and find them completely attractive but are their regular situations where their behavior is obnoxious and superior over others?

If all these aspects build up to some personality profile of your partner, its highly likely they are narcissist.