Canbec Construction – How to Make Your Moving Day Easier

If you are planning to move home then the best advice which I can give you is to start the planing process well in advance. We had a new home built for us by Canbec Construction last year, and the projected completion date was November 5th. Thinking that I was being prudent, I began to prep the move one month earlier. Although in the end everything went well, I have to say that I could certainly have done with an additional 2 weeks to get things in order.

Based on this experience I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can reduce the stress of this terrible day, and get on with your life.

Taking Some Time Off

If it is possible then I would strongly advise that you take a good chunk of time off work, at least the week ahead of the move and perhaps a few days after it too. This is for two reasons, the first is time, in order to give yourself the chance to really invest the time in the move, and the second is the mental bandwidth which you have to invest if you are working and moving at the same time. This just makes your life so much easier.

Color Coding

Always remember that this is not just about having to pack up all of your stuff in a box and head off on your way, at some point those boxes are going to be unpacked and you need to make life easier for future you. And so this means that you should be boxing up by room, and making sure that you color code those boxes so that everyone is aware of where it should go when it gets to the new place. Don’t forget to write ‘fragile’ on any box which has breakable items, fail to do that and you can expect some things to get smashed.

Prepare Your Items First

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a big move and then realizing that you don’t have enough of something. This is why you should ensure that you have prepared things first. What you will need are plenty of boxes, lots of bin bags, colored pens, a huge amount of sellotape, some bags, some bubble wrap and some newspaper where you can put the glass and other breakable items. Get this together before you start packing up and your life will be easier.

Wind It Down

There is so much stuff in our homes which we can do without for a week or two and this enables us to get ahead of the curve with regards to packing up. If you can survive for 2 weeks on vacation with just some clothes and a suitcase then you can do the same thing at home in the lead up to the move. Don’t be frightened to operate on bare bones for the final weeks in order to help yourself get ahead.

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