Reasons to Use HOA Property Management Companies

One of the best things which my neighbors and I have done since I have lived in this community was to kickstart a homeowners association. The benefits of one of these groups has been abundantly clear to us all, and that was to increase security, improve the area in which we live and also to bring together the community on the whole. Whilst we did manage to get set up pretty easily, it was soon apparent that we would in fact have to do a great deal more in order to remain organized and to run the HOA in a good way. It is for this reason that we then decided to take a look into the use of one of those HOA property management companies, which we could then rely on to keep everything in order.

This proved to be a truly great decision and here is exactly why it is something which I would recommend to anyone of you who is also part of a HOA.

Removes Hassle

From the very outset we had people who were happy to take the reigns of the HOA but the reality is that everyone has jobs and responsibilities in their lives, which is why it is easier to hand off that aspect of this to a 3rd party company. This removes any risk of in-fighting or of power hunger and it instead keeps a level playing field in the community.

Regular Updates

What we have noticed since we handed over the reigns of the HOA to a 3rd party company is that we can get regular updates whenever we like them and on a weekly basis whether we ask or not. This is perfect if you are waiting for news on something or if you have applied for permission to do something in the community.

Same Page

We still have key stakeholders within the community and thanks to the HOA property management company we can ensure that they are always on the same page as one another. This saves time and potential conflicts as well, which is of course of great benefit to us all.

Neutral Voice

Whilst the 3rd party will always tell you that they have no say in the goings on of the HOA, rather that they will simply head it up, it is still nice to have that neutral voice. We actually welcome the input of the HOA company when they offer it and this has been greatly helpful in us reaching a number of decisions. Sometimes you need someone who has no dog in the fight to help you.

Emergency Situations

What many may not be aware of is that with a service like this you can always call on someone for support or in an emergency situation. These companies offer a 24/7 hotline for you so that you will always have someone on hand no matter what goes wrong at home.

These are just a few reasons why we have thoroughly enjoyed having a 3rd party company look after our HOA.