Finding Solutions with accessibility overlay

Much has changed in recent years when it comes to accessibility issues. During the pandemic, these issues have only been highlighted even more so. As the world has moved online, those with disabilities have come up against a number of obstacles. We have all been so grateful for the internet during these difficult times. And it is true that the internet has many benefits for those who are disabled, and for many, it has changed their lives for the better. But those with accessibility issues in life can also face accessibility issues online. So, the need for website accessibility overlay is more important than ever.

What is an accessibility overlay?

It is something that will improve the way we are able to access a particular website. It is software that will scan the code of a website and look for areas where it can be improved for the benefit of disabled users in particular, but really, they are of benefit to everyone. Any problem zones will be identified and changed automatically. Overlays can come in different forms, for example a tool bar or an app. They will identify issues such as colour contrasts or maybe font size and will modify the site so that these things either change or can be adjusted. You can use general overlays, that work for most sites, or you could use a customised overlay, specific to your website.

Why is this so important?

As stated at the beginning, the world is much more online now than it used to be so just as people readily see the need for ramps into a public building or elevators to each floor to give disabled people the same accessibility as everyone else, we all need to see the need to give disabled people the same rights as everyone else in the online world.

Another reason is that it is a legal matter in most countries. You could find that by not having an accessible website, you are breaking the law. In the United States alone, the number of lawsuits based on website accessibility issues has increased by thousands in recent years as people are taking on the companies that aren’t getting on board.

Above all else, this is the right thing to do. No one should be denied access or excluded from a website that the rest of the world can enjoy, because of a disability.


It is vital for the number of reasons we’ve discussed that you get your website accessible to all and using an accessibility overlay is a great way to do this, so get started today.