Why We Love Menthol Vape Juice With Nicotine

We have been testing out a huge range of vape juices recently, and will be soon producing a series of reviews for you all. There were a couple of discoveries which we have made throughout this process. The first point to make is that we had no idea just how many different types of vape juices there are out there on the market, the combinations which some brands have are absolutely crazy. The second realization we have made however is that in spite of the wild and wacky flavors which we have found, the reality is that the best is one of the most basic.

Our favorite option in fact is menthol vape juice with nicotine, and here is why although it may not be the most exotic, it is certainly the best that we have enjoyed.

Fresh Burst

As ex-smokers there is certainly something to be said for that fresh burst which you get in the throat and mouth when you inhale. Although there are many vape juices out there which do provide this to some extent, there are none which can match that fresh minty burst of menthol vape juice. Minty fresh and cooling, just the way that we love it.

Better Consistency

If you try a range of different brands of the same flavor, you will find that the flavor profile greatly differs from product to product. In terms of menthol however there is much more which these products have in common that what they do not have in common. The reason as to why this is beneficial is that there is less pressure on you finding the perfect product. For example if apple is your thing, you’ll have to try a great number of options before you get one which you enjoy. If menthol is your favorite flavor however, you won’t have to look very far at all in order to get a great tasting product for your vaping pleasure.

Higher Quality Liquid

The more chemicals which are added to create a lot of these wild and wonderful flavors, the worse the texture of the liquid is. This must be a challenge for companies which product vape liquids, but the difference is certainly noticeable the more that you vape. For those of us who love menthol however, it is clear that there is a much more consistent texture to the liquid from brand to brand. We are no experts but we can only assume that this is because of the simplicity of creating a menthol flavor over the creation of others.


If you are feeling adventurous and you would like another flavor, try mixing menthol liquid with something such as chocolate or strawberry flavor vape juice. These combinations work surprisingly well and you will see very quickly what a smart idea this is, and exactly why menthol is so great.

Do you have a favorite vape flavor? Keep your eyes out for our reviews on some of the more exotic options on the market.