Best Ophthalmologist Near Me – Identifying Where Your Vertigo Is From

If you are suffering from vertigo symptoms then this can be a very unsettling time indeed. Vertigo is where the body’s equilibration is out of sink and this can lead people to feel spaced out and unbalanced. This type of feeling is not good and it is important that you seek to get to the bottom of what is going on. Unfortunately there can be a number of reasons for this feeling of vertigo so it may be that you have to visit a number of professionals in order to understand what exactly is causing these feelings. Here are some of the options.

Eye Doctor

The first step here is to go to the search engine and type ‘best ophthalmologist near me’ as your eyes are the first thing that you should be checking. If our eyes are strained or we cannot see as well as we once could, it may be that you end up with these feelings of vertigo. The reason why you should see an eye doctor and not an optometrist is that it may not just be about your vision. An eye doctor will look deeper into the eye and help you to gain an understanding as to what exactly is going on.

Ear Expert

Most vertigo issues actually occur because of the inner ear and it may be that there is an infection or damage which you need to know about. If this is the case then you are going to certainly have problems with your balance and this is going to cause those symptoms most associated with vertigo. Our ears are very delicate and they play a huge role in our overall balance. If you are yet to have your ears checked out and there is an issue there, it is important that you fix it as soon as possible in order to try and move past your vertigo symptoms.

Head Injury

It may be that you have to speak with a neurologist to have a scan of your brain to see if there are any lasting injuries there. Head injuries can cause these vertigo symptoms in the short term, but they can also mean long term injuries which could go untreated. A light concussion could bring on these symptoms but if the vertigo doesn’t disappear, it may be that you have received a heavy blow to the head which has caused the ongoing problems.

Checking Your Sinuses

Our sinuses are delicate tubes around the eyes, nose and cheeks which help with the glow of mucus, if any of these tubes become blocked, the result will be that you feel a sense of pressure around the eyes and the face. This can be painful but it could also be what is causing your vertigo and your general dizziness.

Make sure that you check with each of these professionals until you get the heart of the problem which is causing your vertigo, otherwise it will continue.