Selin Sakarcan – Top Tips On Entertaining Yourself During A Flight

Flying gives us an opportunity to invest our time in nothing more than entertainment or work. When we are on the flight there is little else that you can do, you are unavailable to the rest of the world and there really is nothing that you have to do. The key however to avoiding being bored during this time, is to make sure that you have planned well. Some flights may not require much planning, if we look at the Delhi to Dubai flight time of 3 hours 15 minutes for example, you will only have to entertain yourself for a short amount of time, alternatively if you are going Sydney to London, you will need to plan much more for the near 20 hour flight.

No matter the length of time, here is what you should be planning to keep yourself entertained during that next flight of yours.

Devices Charged Up

During the flight you will need an E-reader, perhaps a device such as a tablet and your laptop. It is essential that you have all of these devices and your phone changed up to the max. In some cases you will find that the plane has charge points, but not always. Take a portable battery pack too in order to make sure everything is juiced up for the duration of the journey, there is nothing worse than carrying a device about if the battery is dead.

Playlists and Movies

Ensure that you have invested a good amount of time getting your movies and music sorted ahead of the flight. This may be getting playlists together and getting the movies which you really want too watch downloaded onto your tablet or your laptop. Remember that no matter what they tell you, there is either no wi-fi on the plane or if there is, it certainly isn’t going to be strong enough to help you download a movie or some music.

Planning Your Sleep

Travel writer Selin Sakarcan has long said that one of the best ways to kill time on the flight is to nod off, and for this you will have to plan. First off you’ll have to plan your sleep pattern so that you are actually tired when you are on-board. Secondly you will have to plan what to take in order to help you sleep, grab a travel pillow, some melatonin and perhaps something to cover yourself with. If you are on a mega long flight then the best course of action is to sleep as much as you can.

And finally I would recommend that you remember some of the more rudimentary things which you can do on the flight, such as taking a pen and a piece of paper so that you can draw, plan things in your life or even take a coloring-in book which will certainly help you to pass the time. The key to staying entertained, is to focus on the preparation so that the flight itself runs smoothly and you will have plenty to do before you reach your destination .