Volunteer Guide

Is Your Teen Ready for Volunteering?

Whether you have one or more teens at home, do they stay rather active?

Teens with too much free time on their hands can end up being teens that run into boredom, trouble and more.

That said is your teen ready for volunteering?

What Are Some Options Available?

If you feel as if your teen son or daughter would make for a good volunteer, what are some options for them?

Among things to consider:

  1. Helping elderly neighbors – If you have some elderly neighbors, are they taken care of? While some seniors have each other or kids to come and check on them, others are not so fortunate. Your teen may be able to help one or more seniors on your block. From cutting their grass to picking up groceries for them and more, there are things they can help with. For some elderly people, the time they spend with a teen can prove invaluable. That ability to have one around them, if even for a few minutes or an hour a day can make a big difference in their lives. Having someone to talk can mean the world to them.
  2. Work around the home – Do you allow your teen to do any work around the home? If so, this is a good means of teaching them some responsibility. As they get more of this, it can also help them develop skills they may not have had before. As an example, are you planning on doing any home renovations soon? If so, will your teen be able to help you in any way? He or she could be a valuable asset to you. Less work for you and they become more familiar with how things work at home. From painting to helping to install exterior sliding doors and more, see if your teen is up to the task. He or she may learn enough that they end up one day turning such things into a career. Letting them help with work around the home also means more time for the family to bond.
  3. Assist in community – There are things your teen can do volunteering locally. For instance, they may be able to serve helping younger children out. This could be everything from youth sports to teaching kids how to read and more. It is also wise to check with your church of choice. They may have opportunities for your teen to do some volunteer work. Still another option would be the community library. The more you look, the greater the chances there would be work in the community that would suit your teen. Have you checked with the local hospital? They may also have volunteer options available for your child.

When it comes right down to it, volunteering at a young age can be a great thing.

Not only does it teach responsibility, but it can improve a teen’s self-confidence. That is as he or she goes through some challenging years.

Whether outside the home or in it, see if your teen is willing to volunteer some of their time.

Chances are the answer will be yes.