Space Saving Hacks for Your Kitchen

Do you find yourself with a small kitchen, or maybe you just have too many things around? Then this article is for you. A cluttered kitchen can be quite a menace, your kitchen should be a clutter-free space that gives room for all the movement that goes on in the space. This will allow you to fully enjoy the joys of owning a functional kitchen. While it is quite common for things to get a bit out of hand in the kitchen, especially seeing as it is a part of every home where a lot of items are kept, it is important to have a layout that will prevent things from getting too messy. 

In this article, we explore 6 easy hacks that will help you to save up on space in your kitchen.

Switch to a compartment bin

A great way to start is by swapping your regular bin for a 3 compartment recycling bin. Using this bin, you do not need to have separate bins to store different kinds of waste such as food waste, recycling, and trash. Instead, you can have different compartments in one sleek bin design.

Think vertical storage

It is important to have some kitchen storage in the form of racks, cupboards, shelves, etc. Having tall storage compartments allows you to capitalize on your vertical space. As opposed to having multiple short racks side by side, instead, you can have one that is tall, allowing you to save up on floor space.

Store stuff in mason jars

Many supplies such as pasta, cereal, rice, etc. come in their original packaging, and this can clutter up your kitchen in no time if care is not taken. A great way to avoid this is to store your supplies/foodstuff in mason jars and then stack them up on a rack or shelf. This not only saves up space but is also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Install a sliding pantry

A sliding pantry that has a pull-out mechanism can be installed between your fridge and the adjoining wall. This allows you to have some hidden storage where you can store all your items and that does not encroach in your space.

Install a window table

Small kitchens hardly come with any dining space, a great way to save up some space while also enjoying a little space where you can dine in the kitchen is to install a window table. You don’t only save space; you also get to dine with a great view outside your home.

Add hooks on your walls

Hooks are another great way to utilize vertical space in your kitchen. There are lots of stylish hooks out there that you can buy that will suit your taste. You can hang stuff like your frying pans, cutting boards, napkins, as well as other cooking utensils.


Make use of the top of your cabinets and fridge

Another space you might not think to use is the top of your kitchen cabinets and fridge. You can store stuff here if you are still short on some space. 

To conclude, always remember that less is more. Only purchase things you need in order to avoid amassing junk in your space. By using all of these tips, you are sure to have a clutter-free kitchen that you and your family can enjoy.