Baby Cuddlers, Volunteer With Love

You guys are writing in to us all of the time about new projects which you have seen or asking for ideas as to what you can do to help out in your local community, and we have stumbled across a volunteering project which so many of you are just going to love.

The project is cuddling babies, and believe it or not, this is something which is absolutely necessary and something which, if you can make time for it, is going to have a hugely positive impact.

If you love kids then this is a position which you are just going to adore, let’s take a look at why this exists and what you need to do.

The Issues

Sadly the baby cuddler programs now in place at most children’s hospitals grew out of the “crack baby” epidemic of the early 1990’s. Touch is especially important for these tiniest of humans to develop into loving and caring adolescents and adults. It may not sound like much but the truth is that cuddling the child gives them that feeling of security which also leads to confidence later down the line, as well as a sense of belonging. Being held makes a baby feel protected and that is what you are going to be able to give that child.

How You Can Help

Baby cuddlers are needed around the world in hospitals, orphanages, and nurseries. Other opportunities to cuddle babies exist in group homes providing longer-term care to infants and children. With a quick search fr baby cuddle programs on Google you will be able to find a program which is taking place in your area, where you can show your willingness to support. A background check will be required for obvious reasons but as long as that is clear, you will be cuddling babies to improve the world in no time at all.

Some people who do not have orphanages in their area will be able to travel and there is even the option of turning this into a volunteer vacation, where you will head of to another country and cuddle babies there. At first this seems a rather quirky or silly thing to be doing, and it sounds it when you tell people. Regardless of what it sounds like however, this is a vital role and something which is drastically going to improve the lives of these children, who have already had a rough start to life.

This is not just a case of picking a baby up and giving them a squeeze however, as a volunteer baby cuddler, you would be specially trained to handle, hold, rock, and pat hospitalized infants. You would provide a foundation of care as you hold and soothe newborns.

If you love kids then this could be an amazing way for you to help multiple children through the love and affection which you have for them.