The Best Countries To Visit As A Sober Traveller

Sobriety is some achievement and entering recovery is just the start of a journey. For many people entering recovery and at the very beginning of that journey, it can be quite a daunting experience leaving the comfort of their own home.

In fact, any first journey made, especially to foreign climes, can be quite an anxiety inducing experience, which is never good for those looking to remain on track. Of course, as part of a treatment programme, drug and alcohol help is there if you need it, but you shouldn’t be afraid to see the world. 

There are many parts of the world that are perfect to visit as a sober tourist, and here are our favourites to visit…

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful part of the world and what is good to know is that the vast majority of locals don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. The island nation sees many people largely avoid alcohol due to religious and cultural reasons, and when combined with so much to see and do it’s the perfect sober adventure.

From getting up close to elephants to climbing mountains, and exploring ancient wonders to learning all about the traditional pot of tea, there really is so much to do in Sri Lanka.


Japan is a country that does sell alcohol, but it is an incredibly respectful nation that doesn’t really ever push on you a wine menu or alcohol.

What’s more, it’s a country that is full of places to relax and be mindful too. Sure, the likes of Tokyo and Osaka have the bright lights and the hustle and bustle, but head out into the mountains and you’ll find yoga and meditation retreats galore, perfect for not only remaining sober, but enhancing your mindfulness and mental health.


Most countries in which there is a majority Muslim population you’ll find are really good for visiting as a sober traveller, as alcohol is much more difficult to come by. It’s always worth considering these destinations, and Morocco is certainly one of the most exciting to visit.

Cities like Marrakech are buzzing with ancient markets, beautiful streets and inspiration on every corner. The sights and smells really are like nowhere else. And not a drop of alcohol in sight.


Essentially, any part of the world where the main thing to do is a challenge is a good option, as all your focus and energy will be on that. So, whether it’s walking the Great Wall of China, climbing Kilimanjaro or hiking up Machu Picchu, it’s a great option for a sober trip, not to mention a life-changing experience.

We’ve gone with Peru in this instance as Machu Picchu really is a truly breathtaking experience. And you certainly won’t get a pint of lager in the Andes!