Some of the Most Unusual And Unlikely Bets You Can Make

Sports books are committed to distancing diversifying strictly as online sports wagering companies (here is betway review). This is due to having to comply with lots of sport leagues rules and also many player suspensions. As a result of this diversification, you can bet on virtually anything available from national politics to movies, TV shows, honor programs as well as far more.

Some wagers border on the completely insane. But if you are looking for making a wager on some of the more outrageous sports and events then this article is for you, so read on:

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The End of the World

Yes, you can wager on when the world will end. Yes itt is a novelty yet however; you will not have the ability to collect a jackpot if you are right. And you will be paid before it actually happens, so you can boast in those last minutes and also say: “I won the bet.”

In 2012, due to the Mayan calendar many though the world would end. It was surprising how many people actually thought the world would end. 

Some betting companies approved bets back in 2012, and some are still accepting bets on the end of the world. Additionally, to betting on when the world will end, you can also bet on how it will end. You can pick any cause from aliens to the Sun causing us to burn up, or it going out. 

The Next James Bond

How about making a bet on who will be the next James Bond? There are always a large number of names connected to who will be chosen and each has its own set of odds. 

A number of years back, there were talks that the next James Bond is likely to be Black so you might intend to follow that logic. James Bond is usually an actors that is not a superstar, but who knows they might make an exception this time. So if you think it might be Tom Cruise or someone like him, place your bets. 

Super Dish Crazy Side Bets

The Super Dish includes insane side bets every year. Individuals can bet on anything from which players are going to scratch their crotches, to the color of the drink that will soak the winning coach, to whether an earthquake will stop the game, and even the length of time it will take to sing the national anthem.

The Ultimate Underdogs

When Leicester City won the Premier Organization in season 2015/16, everybody was shocked. At the beginning of the season, Leicester was anticipated to simply battle for continuing to be in the league and not win it all.

The odds of their successfully winning the league title was 5000/1 at the beginning of the season. Believe it or not, some crazy fans of the club placed $10 bets on the club to win it all. These bets turned into $50000 when the club won.

To put the odds in perspective, the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron had better odds of managing Aston Villa at 2500/1 odds, than Leicester winning the Premier League. How around that?

If these bets are not insane enough for you, you can also bet on whether aliens actually exist or virtually anything about Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un.