Sending Out Get Well Soon Cards

Amazingly the most common demographic of people who write into us here at Volunteer Guide is children, who are all keen to discover what they can do in the community to help people out. This not only warms the heart of course, but it is also very inspiring and it certainly makes us all feel that the next generation will be one which is more than happy to do whatever it takes to help those in need and those who are vulnerable, to try to improve their life.

Recently we received an amazing message from 8 year old twins, who had taken the decision to try and cheer people up in their local hospital.

The twins first wrote to us about an article which we had written about how many people in the hospital didn’t have family who would come and visit them, or didn’t have people around them who were able to come and visit. The mother of the twins worked in a local hospital and that was when their inspirational minds started working, the answer was to send get well cards for everyone.

The twins told us that they had wanted to go and visit all of the patients but they were very busy with school work and their parents were both busy a lot, which meant that they simply couldn’t find the team to have a supervised trip around the wards, and so making some get well soon cards was the perfect idea.

The handmade element of these cards is what is the most thoughtful bit of what they have done and there is absolutely no doubt that a patient who received a card from someone who they didn’t even know, but who had taken the time to make it, would be absolutely enamored. The fact that they took the time to make these cards and wrote little messages inside for each patient is absolutely amazing and something which is so inspiring.

The reason why we wanted to share this story with everyone today was to show just what people can do when they have the desire to do so, and they are encouraged to follow their hearts. These twins are no doubt going to go on to have amazing lives where they will help and inspire others, and they have already inspired us, and they are only 8 years old.

Finally, if you or your kids are looking to do something to help those who are most vulnerable in society then this is a great story which they can follow in the footsteps of, a wonderful idea which will put a smile on people’s faces, and an idea which doesn’t cost much more than time.