Gregory Pimstone on Expensive Cases and Their Toll on Emergency Patients

There are times when the patients who are going through a serious health issue are taken to the emergency ward of the hospitals nearby. Most of the time, when they get into an accident or are found unconscious on the road when no one knows their identity, hence no insurance documents the hospital management can get their hands on, they get into a big confusion because of the possible legal issue that can arise.

A health care lawyer in Los Angeles, Gregory Pimstone, raised the matter of changing the way these emergency rooms are administered and how the emergency patients are treated with no record of their insurance company because no one goes around with the health insurance document in their hands. 

When the patient comes into the hospital first, the hospital staff has to decide what to do regarding the treatment. Yes, it is right that it is the duty of every hospital’s emergency room in the US to treat the patient fairly. And according to Gregory Pimstone, it is expensive, inefficient, and unnecessary to start figuring out how the respective patient’s medical care will be compensated if the patient’s insurance plan provider is unknown to the hospital. 

But the problem is even if it can be compensated afterward, some health insurances don’t cover certain types of medical situations. If such an issue arises after the hospital has treated the patient at their own expense, and the expense was even big then it can create a lot of problems. Gregory Pimstone says there should be a solution to this problem, that can solve this issue without creating any chaos. 

So to tackle this issue, an act called the Affordable Care Act was introduced, and Gregory Pimstone also contributed to it. According to this act, such uninsured patients who can’t afford the emergency room bills will be treated without any chaos riding among the hospital staff. All of their expenses will be covered under the insurance, but that insurance will only be valid for the ones who cannot afford the expensive hospital bills. 

Of course, there would be some requirements for that too that they will have to fulfill to prove that they are among the deserving ones. But this Affordable Care Act also known as ACA is introduced for the sole reason to improve the health care system across the United States. 

The American Medical Association, also known as AMA, is trying its best to take every possible initiative for the better health of the public. Even though some of the government officials asked to revoke this act, before and even after it was implied, nothing could stop it. 

As of 2013, a lot of technical issues arise in the origin of this act. And at that time, the majority of America was not in its favor. But by 2017, ACA had succeeded in gaining the favor of the majority. 

According to Gregory Pimstone, those out-of-network suppliers started getting the premium treatments through insurance policies, when they didn’t even have to pay much for that insurance.


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